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Unleashing the power of collaborative learning


Professionals acquire the most valuable knowledge and skills when they work together to learn, apply and share. We blend progressive technology with leading-edge content to deliver dynamic, online collaborative learning experiences at scale.

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Cahoot Learning is reclaiming the human learning experience in a digital world

Not all online learning is created equal. Online learning environments have become increasingly impersonal and ineffective. Our learning approach engages the heart, mind, work and purpose of your people. We achieve this by bringing together cohorts that are small enough to create trust within intimate learning communities, yet large enough to support diverse opinions, skills and experience. These principles drive the potential of collaborative learning in the workplace.


Our learning approach engages the heart, mind, work and purpose of your people.


"Great course. Cahoot definitely provides a different perspective and structure on how we solve problems in the workplace."
Michael Garcia
Stanford Design Thinking 2016

Unleashing the power of collaborative learning transforms individuals and organizations - propelling them to greater success by:

  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Promoting talent attraction and retention
  • Increasing revenue and profitability
  • Decreasing time to market with new products and services
  • Strengthening competitive position and growing organizational capabilities
  • Closing critical skill gaps
  • Building stronger cultures
  • Executing for success

What is collaborative learning?

Collaborative learning is an educational approach to learning that involves groups of people working together to solve a problem, complete a task or create a product.

Social and other online learning platforms provide some of the tools for collaborative learning, but not in a comprehensive and cohesive way, leaving success to chance.

At Cahoot Learning we excel at collaborative learning by design... not chance.


How does it work?

We embed leading-edge content from any source on our progressive learning system so professionals can engage with each other anywhere, anytime. Working in cohorts, they progress together through one course or a series, applying learning on-the-job, as they go.

At Cahoot, we value learning analytics. Our dynamic tools provide your organization with insights into participant behavior, engagement and outcomes.

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